10 Reasons Why Airbrush Makeup Is Better

10 reasons why airbrush makeup is better

It’s been a while since airbrush makeup is a “must” in the worlds of modeling, movies, and photo shoots. Then, this trend started to enter the weddings, as a favorite makeup technique for brides. And now, it’s finally becoming recognized as an amazing way to achieve a flawless look on a daily basis. After all, … Read more

5 Best Facial Steamer

5 Best Facial Steamer

Taking good care of your skin, especially the skin on your face is important for many reasons – preventing premature aging signs, looking fresh, hydrated, young… the list goes on and on. Visiting a spa or a professional skin salon is a great way to achieve a glowing face skin, but unfortunately, most of us … Read more

5 Best Airbrush Makeup

5 Best airbrush makeup kit

Airbrush makeup are probably my new favorite way to do makeup, not only does it product outstanding result for me but its also hygienic! If you’re interested in airbrush makeup or maybe you already are doing it! Read my review on the 5 best airbrush makeup kit you can find in 2017!  …Read more…

5 Best Lush Products

Top Lush Product 2017

Lush is one of my favorite brands. If you haven’t noticed from my previous product review on lush’s ocean salt face scrub, I am a huge fan of their product. Why? Because most of their product is all natural! I created this post to show you guys my 5 top product picks from Lush! …Read more…