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10 Reasons Why Airbrush Makeup Is Better

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It’s been a while since airbrush makeup is a “must” in the worlds of modeling, movies, and photo shoots. Then, this trend started to enter the weddings, as a favorite makeup technique for brides.

And now, it’s finally becoming recognized as an amazing way to achieve a flawless look on a daily basis

After all, the fact that we aren’t getting married today doesn’t mean that we don’t want to leave the house with perfect skin! Airbrush makeup is better than traditional one in so many ways.

Now, many of you might wonder if it’s possible to do airbrush makeup at home. Isn’t that something that only professionals use?


As the popularity of airbrush makeup grew during the last years, so did the offers.

Basically, now you can choose out of various different airbrush makeup kits for home use and see which one suits you best.

Depending on your preferences and your budget, there are many different kits that offer different functions. As you can see, now you can have a perfect skin and a flawless complexion in the comfort of your own home!

So no, you don’t need to break your wallet in order to have an airbrushed makeup.

Here, we’ll give you a thorough explanation on what this technique entails, as well as how is it different than the traditional makeup. And finally, we’ll give you 10 reasons why airbrush makeup is better for you.

Explaining Airbrush Makeup

Traditional makeup has a thicker consistency and is usually applied with a sponge, brush, or your fingers. On the contrary, the airbrush makeup kit contains an airbrush gun or stylus, an air compressor, and liquid foundations designed strictly for airbrush use.

With the help of the airbrush gun and air compressor, a fine mist of the foundation is sprayed onto your skin. Without any skin contact!

This causes an even and flawless application which many people prefer in comparison to traditional makeup, especially when it comes to HD photos or up-close videos.

To help you make a decision, here are 10 reasons why airbrush makeup might be better for you. 

10 Reasons Why Airbrush Makeup Is Better

Reason #1: Flawless skin

Of course, the first reason we have to give is the flawless skin which you’ll achieve with the help of airbrush makeup. Before, we mentioned that airbrushing became popular in the modeling and movie industries.

Well, this is exactly because of that!

Models, actors, and other people in similar industries often have look camera-ready and take HD pictures, up-close photo shoots, HD videos, etc. And as we all know, this can show every tiny imperfection on the skin. So, these people have started using airbrush makeup as their favorite method of having a great facial skin.

Brides also started using airbrush makeup for their weddings, exactly for the same reason!

Usually, brides hire professional photographers on their weddings, which means there are a lot of photos being taken, most of them – the bride and groom. Being in the spotlight means that the bride has to have flawless skin, thus, using airbrush makeup to achieve this!

When used properly, airbrush makeup is applied in such a fine mist, which offers great protection, while at the same time it preserves your skin’s natural look.

So, no more “cakey” faces!

Even though airbrushing sprays a thin layer, it will definitely cover all your “imperfections” and problem areas. This is why airbrushing is so amazing. If you apply such a thin layer of a traditional foundation, all your blemishes and spots will still show.

However, airbrushing will cover everything while still looking natural and feeling like your second skin. Try applying your airbrush foundation in a thin layer and wait for some seconds until it dries out.

Once it’s completely dry, check if that’s enough coverage for you. If not, feel free to apply another thin layer on top of it, until you’re completely satisfied with your look. 

Reason #2: More sanitary

We all know that direct skin contact, especially in a sensitive area such as the face, can cause bacteria to enter the skin and cause irritation and inflammation.

The first thing a dermatologist would tell you is to avoid touching your face at any cost, especially if you have a problematic facial skin. So, why are we not worried about this when we apply our foundation?

Our fingers contain many bacteria, while uncleaned sponges and brushes can contain even more. This can be a huge reason why you cannot solve your acne or facial irritation.

Well, fear no more!

Airbrush makeup is applied by spraying liquid foundations through the air gun. So, there is absolutely zero direct skin contact. For this reason, we can confidently say that airbrush makeup is way more sanitary than traditional one! 

If you suffer from any type of facial skin problems, airbrush makeup is probably a great option for you.

What’s more, airbrush makeup won’t clog your pores as much as traditional makeup would since it’s not pressed into the skin. Like this, you can also prevent new blackheads and whiteheads from appearing so quickly.

Acne is basically clogged, irritated and inflamed pores. They are caused by sebum (our skin’s natural oil) getting stuck in your follicles. Imagine pushing traditional makeup on top of that – your pore is now completely clogged and full of dirt, impurities, and bacteria. And this is how acne develops.

So, for people who suffer from such problems, airbrush makeup is definitely the better option!

Reason #3: More durability

Another huge reason why airbrush makeup is better for you is its durability. Unlike traditional makeup, which quickly starts to sink into your pores and wrinkles (pronouncing them even more), airbrush makeup can stay on your face anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, depending on the product used, the skin type, and the quality of the application. 

If you use a high-quality liquid foundation, your skin is not too oily, and you know how to properly apply it, airbrush makeup can easily last 24 hours! With traditional makeup, this can be extremely difficult to achieve.

Have you noticed how the highlighter or bronzer just seems to be gone after a couple of hours?

Well, that’s because it sank into your face. Or, that your wrinkles seem even deeper after a couple of hours? Again, that’s because traditional makeup sinks into the skin. And this is what causes the heavy, “cakey” look that we try so hard to avoid!

For the best results and longest durability, try using silicone-based foundations with your airbrush gun. Airbrush foundations can be water-based, silicone-based, and alcohol-based.

Water-based foundations offer the lightest coverage and are extremely popular for people with oily skin, while alcohol-based foundations are usually used by professionals since they’re a type of semi-permanent “tattoos” and stay on your skin for days.

For this reason, if you’re looking for a great coverage which lasts long, silicone-based foundations are the way to go! The silicone-based foundation won’t move at all, and will stay on your face even after crying, sweating, kissing, etc.… Many brides choose this type of airbrush foundation for their wedding day! 

Another way to increase the durability of your airbrush makeup is to use a primer. Most airbrush kits do contain a primer, but if yours doesn’t, you can order it separately. And finally, use a setting spray or powder which will definitely keep everything in place.

By following these steps, your airbrush makeup will stay intact, and you will ensure that you don’t need any retouches throughout the day.

Reason #4: Thinner and lighter layer

If you ask anyone who’s ever used airbrush makeup what’s the biggest difference between this and traditional makeup, they’ll tell you how much lighter the airbrush foundation feels! It’s literally as if you don’t wear any makeup at all!

Traditional foundations are usually thicker, which results in a thick layer as it is. Furthermore, they’re usually applied in more than one layer, in order to achieve more coverage, which definitely looks good at the beginning, but not so good after a while!

The mist released with airbrush makeup contains the tiniest of particles. So, the layer applied with an airbrush gun will be much lighter and thinner than traditional makeup. Even if you decide to apply a second layer and get more coverage, it will still feel much lighter on your skin.

Even though the airbrush makeup will leave a thin and light layer on your skin, it will still have great coverage and look much more polished and flawless than traditional makeup. And who wouldn’t want that!

However, one thing you need to be careful of when it comes to airbrushing is touch-ups. If you’re using a quality silicone-based foundation with your airbrush gun, chances are, you won’t need a touch-up at all.

But, if by any chance you do see that you need to fix some things, always try to use powder products. Airbrush makeup doesn’t really go well with the traditional liquid foundation and blending them will be almost impossible.

For this reason, always use a powdered foundation which you might need for fixing your look.

Reason #5: Mix and match

Many girls have the problem of not being able to find a foundation with a tone that will perfectly match their skin. I’m sure you’ve experienced this many times.

In the bottle, it looks perfect, but when you apply it to your skin it has too much pink undertone… And let’s be honest, most of us don’t have money to buy 5 different foundations and start mixing and experimenting.

Well, that’s yet another reason why airbrush makeup might be better for you. Airbrush makeup kits usually come with 4, 6 or more foundation colors, in the shade you’ve chosen (fair, light, medium, dark, etc.).

So, when you choose ‘fair’, you will get 4 or 6 different tones in that color. If one of them is too light for you and the other one is a bit too dark, feel free to mix them!

As long as the foundations have the same base (water or silicone), you can always mix them to find your perfect shade. Or, if one of them has a yellow undertone and the other one pink, and you want something in between, mix them! 

With this trick, you can save a lot of money and at the same time be sure that you’ll always have the perfect foundation shade. Once you find your perfect formula, remember it, and you’re set! For example, 3 drops of one shade and 2 drops of another might be exactly what you need.

Reason #6: Fits to all skin type

Each skin type is different, and each skin type reacts to makeup differently. Some people have oily, and others have dry skin. And of course, there’s always us with a mixture of both. However, airbrush makeup can fit all skin types, you just have to know how to choose. 

As we’ve mentioned before, silicone-based airbrush makeup offers a great coverage and is long-lasting. This makes it perfect for use on special events such as parties, weddings, etc. 

On the other hand, water-based airbrush makeup can offer great results for people with oily skin since it gives a matte finish to your look. Both silicone and water-based foundations can be used on oily skin so you will have to try and see which one fits you best. 

When it comes to dry skin, silicone-based products are better for you!

This is because water-based foundations on a dry face can become flaky. So, stick to silicone-based makeup and enjoy the longevity they offer!

In any case, no matter your skin type, airbrush makeup will definitely stay longer and look better than traditional one! 

Reason #7: Best for HD photos and videos

We cannot emphasize this benefit enough – if you’re attending an event where there are cameras and flashlights or any type of occasion where pictures and videos are going to be taken, airbrush makeup is your best bet!

This is exactly where airbrush makeup gained its popularity – among stars who were shooting photo sessions and videos, and models who had to have perfect skin! 

Without airbrush makeup, HD cameras are your worst enemy, since they will catch all of your pores, brush sweeps, and wrinkles. With airbrush makeup, your skin will look flawless, and nobody will be able to see your imperfections! 

Traditional makeup can look good at home when you’re applying it, but horrible outside when the sun is shining.

Plus, the SPF in traditional foundations is guaranteed to make your face “ghost” white on photos. Well, with airbrush makeup, you can leave this problem in the past. From now on, you can look perfect in daylight, sunlight, moonlight, and even fluorescent light!

Reason #8: Water resistant and hypoallergenic

Good news for hot and busy days! Almost all silicone-based airbrush makeup products are water resistant. This means that your makeup will stay fresh even after sweating, rain or the occasional tears of joy!

This is yet another reason why airbrush makeup is a popular choice among brides. Wedding days are emotional, and there can be many tears, hugs, dancing, and kisses which would normally ruin the traditional makeup – but not airbrush makeup! 

If you have sensitive skin that doesn’t react well to harsh products and perfumes, then airbrush makeup is perfect for you. The foundations that come with airbrush makeup kits are usually all fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, which means they will fit any skin type and won’t cause any problems.

Aside from that, airbrush makeup is always alcohol and oil-free, which again means it won’t damage your skin by drying it out or making it oily. All in all, airbrush makeup is proven to be way better for the skin than traditional one. 

Reason #9: More than just foundation

Usually, when we talk about airbrush makeup, we assume that it’s only the foundation. Wrong!

Airbrush makeup kits also contain primers, eye shadows, bronzers, rouge, highlighters, concealers, etc. Even if your airbrush kit doesn’t contain these extras, you can always order separate bottles of the product you need. 

The good thing about this is that layering different products on top of one another will look much more natural with airbrush makeup. As we said before, the airbrush gun sprays such a thin mist that layering a bronzer and a highlighter on top will still look perfect.

So no, you won’t look like a cake! 

Aside from all these benefits, an airbrush gun will allow you a much better control of the application, which means you can easily regulate the intensity of colors.

For example, if you wish to apply bronzer more lightly but on a wider area, place the airbrush gun further from your face. And the other way around – if you wish to achieve a more intense color, place the airbrush closer to your face. 

One very important thing to remember when it comes to applying makeup with an airbrush is to always move the airbrush gun around or move it away from your face when you don’t need it.

Keeping the airbrush gun spraying at one spot will create a circle of color which will be different than the rest of your face. In any case, practice makes perfect, so after a couple of tries, you will notice that you’re getting much better at it. 

Reason #10: Faster application after learning the technique

If you’re a beginner at it, airbrushing might take a while to get used to.

First of all, you need to find the perfect distance, learn how to move the air gun, and learn which tone fits you best. However, most people do manage to get the hang of it after a couple of tries. Airbrushing is an amazing technique, and after you learn how to do it properly, it will take less time than traditional makeup! 

Its fast application is also a reason why brides often opt for this type of makeup on their wedding days.

For a trained person, airbrushing is much faster because it doesn’t require a lot of blending and the application time itself is not long at all. It’s fast and effective, but still flawless – exactly what’s needed on a hectic wedding day! 


To sum up, we hope that after reading the above reasons why airbrush makeup is better, you’ll decide to give it a try! Even though we still love our good old-fashioned traditional makeup, we cannot help but wonder if airbrushing is the future of makeup. 

Remember that airbrushing might take some practice until you get the hang of it, so don’t give up immediately! Practice makes perfect, so make sure that you try it out a couple of times, and we promise it will get much easier. Trust me, you’ll be so thankful once you discover all the benefits that airbrushing can bring to your appearance. 

Another thing you might worry about is that airbrush makeup might seem more expensive, but, this is not exactly true. Even though the initial investment (the kit itself) can be a bit more expensive, in the end, you will actually save money! Airbrushing requires much less product than traditional makeup.

Usually, you will only need a couple of drops. So, long-term calculations tell us that you will, in fact, save money! 

And lastly, make sure that you do your research and carefully go through all the different functions of airbrush kits. Some will have more options than others, some will come with more products than others, and some will be cheaper than others. All of this depends on your budget and needs.

After you’ve carefully chosen your perfect airbrush kit, get ready and start practicing. Then, take before and after pictures and brag about it to all of your friends! We hope that we were able to help you discover the world of airbrush makeup and that you’ll be satisfied with this technique as much as we are!

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