About Me

Started in early 2017 for people with skin problems and those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, this site is a quickly growing.

If you have been experiencing skin problems such as acne, eczema, rosacea and others then you arrived at your destination. Maybe you don't have any of these and want to learn how to take care your skin or just lead a healthy lifestyle then you are right at home as well!

You can expect countless product reviews on skin care products or other products which I believe is beneficial for you. and also guides on how to take care of your skin and more!

Who am I?

My name's Manoju, and I run MangoLift.com. I studied cosmetology and Esthiology/skin care and graduated with my degree, I worked as a professional skin care specialist for some time and am currently working as manager of a creative unit at an advertising firm.

Because I had severe acne skin problem before, I now enjoy helping people with their skin problems because I believe that everyone should be confident in themselves and walk with their head up high instead of looking down at the floor.

Why Did I Start MangoLift?

I started MangoLift as a hobby because I want to help others in overcoming their skin problems as I have once experienced what it was like. It started in around high school for me. I was getting name called "Tomato" (ugh) and such because of my severe acne problems and although I didn't really care what others thought about me but I hated the fact that my skin looked horrible and it did affect my self-esteem.

I hope to share my experience and teach others how to take better care of their skin through Mangolift here!