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Acne No More Review: Getting Rid Of Acne Once & For All!

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Mike Walden is no magician!

One of the worst Acne No More Reviews I read talked about how the advice was so hard to follow. 

I agree the secret to success that the programme prescribes is something that would take effort, but that doesn’t make the advice bad.

Take it from me – I’ve suffered from acne for so long that I’d do anything in a heartbeat to escape from the condition.

And escape I did, after a long, hard battle against my temptations, all thanks to Mike Walden’s revolutionary acne treatment methods.

Hey guys, I’m Manju from London, and in this Acne No More Review, I’m going to talk about my experience with the programme, its pros and cons, and if spending your hard-earned money is worth it.

So, grab a cup of coffee and sit tight because this is going to be long!

At the end, I’ll be giving you a link to the discounted coupon page, so keep your eyes open!

If you don’t feel like reading this huge wall of text then, just scroll down, read my conclusion and other peoples review. Don’t forget your discount!

How Far Are You Ready To Go To Get Rid of Acne?

“Acne No More” is over 200 pages of solid advice!

It goes into the diet, exercise and lifestyle change a lot of people will not be comfortable with. You will have to leave behind your normal food, and go on a regular detox.

One point Mike makes at the beginning of the book, that 95% of the Natural Treatments do not work is very true.

I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve gone for fruit packs, a hundred natural remedies, and at the end of the day, the pesky zits always came back. The problem, which I understood by reading through this book was that I never went far enough.

Of course, I was making sacrifices. I was using all the recommended cleansers and face washes. However, the acne always came back. Sometimes during really inopportune times.

What I found that, while, I was spending a lot of bucks behind these treatments, I was ignoring a major part of my lifestyle, my diet, my way of living and how it influenced my skin.

The Complete “Acne No More” Formula

acne no more pillars

You might be confused with the term “Pillars” and how its related to acne. Don’t worry, pillar just means what Acne No More system is build on.

Without giving away too much and rip off the author, I’ll briefly explain what he goes through in each pillar.

Pillar 1

The first step to the programme is to flush your body of toxins. This brings back your liver and kidney to optimal functions so that you can work at full capacity. This is the place where you would be required to make some sacrifices to your diet and go for dietary changes.

Pillar 2

This is when your body will re-discover nutrition in new ways. For me, this was one of the changes I felt uncomfortable with because it needed large sacrifices in the case of my diet.

Pillar 3

Ever tried a juice cleanse? Detoxification is basically that, this is the part of the book which would require you to lose some of the food from your daily life and go for detoxification using juice cleanses.

Pillar 4

This was my favorite part of the book. Mike Walden gives great tips for relaxing your mind and being stress-free. Stress can easily complicate acne problems (this was news to me!), so this helps you with tips to sleep properly and be more stress-free in your daily life.

Pillar 5

The last pillar is, of course, the natural skin care remedies. Now, that you are leading a healthy lifestyle, now, the home remedies would work properly, and there are also lots of tips for making the skin care remedies work for everyone.

The 7 Magic Chapter?!

To beat acne, you have to go through this rigorous seven-step programme that will put your resilience to rest. Do not skip any part of this guide!

Chapter 1

This is a detailed guide to dealing with the hormonal imbalances in your body, and going through the day in a way that does not cause random fluctuations of hormones.

Chapter 2

The foods you need to get rid of to cure acne. Remember to sit down with this particular part with enough tissues in hand, you’re going to need them. Mike holds back no punches, and this includes a lot of sacrifices that you might not be ready to make.

Chapter 3

These are simple steps to make your life easier so that you can deal with problems without much stress.

Chapter 4

What you should eat. 

This lists the foods and vegetables that help you in losing acne. Now, that you have left all the food that you used to eat that was unhealthy, which healthy foods should you take.

Chapter 5

This is the flushing of toxins step, where the detoxification and the other ideas come into play. 

Chapter 6

This was the simply the best step in the book for me. 

It dealt with all the external factors that affect the skincare regime. Including pollution and heat are dealt with here. Milke gives some pretty solid tips about dealing with these problems.

Chapter 7

How to stop acne from getting back at you. This is the step that ensures that you’ll not have breakouts after trying out the programme.

In total there are 8 chapters, but chapter 1 is mostly introduction and getting you started.

Have a glimpse of the chapters! I have blurred out most of the content to respect the author of the book.

page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4

Why Did I Choose this Book?

a se


I knew I had to give this book a try after discovering that Mike himself had suffered from persistent acne for over 13 years before curing himself holistically.

I also found many reviews which claimed that this book was an amazing solution to acne. 

Let’s be honest here; I’ve knocked on the doors of every dermatologist in London trying to get rid of my acne. The expensive medicine that I used regularly wouldn’t even come close to stopping my breakouts, and it made me feel terrible.

So, why did I choose this book in particular?

1. Nothing else worked

From traditional treatments to cutting-edge technology, I tried everything in my power to stop my breakouts from coming back. Even though I’m quite suspicious of telemarketers, I’ve even ordered from them to try and bring this problem down.

2. It offered something​ natural

There’s a reason why “Lush” is one of my favorite brands of skincare products. I adore natural products and try to live a holistic lifestyle as much as possible in real life.

It is one of those things that holds huge value for me overall and is important for me. 

3. Mike Walden’s impressive degrees

Who would you rather get your advice from?

Some random author with no credentials or someone who has experienced acne and is a certified nutritionist and a health professional.

I think that’s a given.

Mike’s book was one of the only treatments that I found which was prepared by a trained health professional and a nutritionist instead of a “self-published Amazon author” trying to make a few quick bucks. Seriously, there is no regurgitated info here.

4. It was mostly diet-based

I’d be honest with you, I found it strange that it was a diet-based treatment of acne at first. But I was also exhausted from maintaining a strict skincare regime. 

If you’ve ever suffered from acne, you would know that the constant barrage of products takes out a lot from daily life. I had spent a lot of time at home just getting through all the steps of a skincare regime and trying to find a way to get rid of my problems.

5. It was novel

Call me out on this, but I wanted to try out the “Acne No More” formula because it offered something new. For one I’ve long been tired of finally falling into the same formula again and again, that for me was something I wanted to avoid this time around.

How Did I Know it Would Work?

Honestly speaking, I didn’t.

To start with, I had no idea what a diet-based approach to solving the problem of acne means for a lot of people. However, I looked around for research, and apparently, a diet has a lot to do with acne.

1. High glycemic-food and dairy cause acne

In a large-scale review published on Wiley said that certain foods, like dairy cause acne in a lot of populations. You can check out the review here.

2. Fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats keep acne away

In a research done by the folks over at “Dermato Endocrinology ,” they suggest the above types of food to keep acne at bay.

3. The American Academy of Dermatologists have also confirmed

So, while, the Dermatologists recommend a full medical regime along with dietary changes, they’ve admitted to the fact that acne is affected by diet.

Initial Impression of No More Acne

I was confused at first. Mike Walden is a certified nutritionist and a health professional, and he critiques a lot of problems that we face when we are fighting acne.

These were things that I had faced personally.

Another thing I found confusing was managing my finances to make up the whole thing. The supplements and the diets that Mike recommends are expensive to maintain long-term.

One thing I did love was how in the Second chapter, there was a detailed outline given about how a variety of factors can cause acne.

In fact, I would not have even started on the guide if he had not given the detailed review of acne in that second chapter because I understood what I was going through and that I had to change.

The changes seemed huge because they were changes that you had to incorporate in your life but, you did not want to. Remember that diet chart that you were given by your fully capable nutritionist to lose weight?

After going through the book twice, I found myself wondering about the same thing. It was one thing if I dismissed it at first hand saying that it was not for me, but trying out something like this couldn’t hurt. Plus, I had a lot of interest in trying out a proper detox for a long time. 

Why People Might Not Like Acne No More?

I honestly think that a lot of people give up on the “Acne No More” formula because they’re facing one of the following problems.

1. Monetary issues

Budgeting is a serious issue with this kind of diet. However, what I did was measure it up to my regular dermatologist appointments and the kind of medical prescriptions I was wasting my money on for acne treatment. Overall, I ended up saving a lot of money. Not to mention, because I ate fresh produce a lot, my dependence on fast and junk food went down.

You need to budget carefully for this diet.

2. Dietary problems

If you have some problems with your metabolism, it is better to choose some other treatment for acne. There are problems with following this programme daily, exhaustion, being one of the biggest.

Fasting can also be dangerous for people with diabetes, and I believe that is one of the faults with this book.

3. Time management

Since this book relies heavily on daily activities and dietary sacrifices, I found myself making a lot of choices that I honestly would not in a different scenario. I’m quite certain you’ll do too.

The fact that the book helps you to create a proper routine and nutrition is a major plus in my opinion. You’d be forced to adapt or lose out.

4. More trips to the supermarket

Look, I have a full-time job. Sometimes dietary restrictions are something I avoid to make some more time for myself. With this diet, you will find the supermarket a lot more times than you usually do and that might again be something that bothers you.

5. The time it takes to act

While Mike does offer a quick programme for the working people, the whole “Acne No More” programme takes weeks to work completely, which is frustrating for many people.  

For me though, it was something that I could accept because let’s be fair, we all have spent years fighting with acne already, what’s some more months of hard work?

What Result Did I Get?

1st Month

The first month was the hardest part of it all. While I managed my work, I also owned up to the dietary and other changes Mike had suggested. 

However, the first two weeks, I gave the quick system a try. What I noticed was that I got visibly fewer breakouts (they still occurred), and the scarring was going away.

Now, I am a yellow-skinned girl, and when scarring occurs, it makes me feel a lot of stress. With this diet plan, I could see that my scarring went down significantly and I was able to concentrate more on work daily.

I also loved that I lost quite a few pounds while on a diet. What can be a better motivator than that?

2nd Month

The breakouts became almost nil. This is the time when I had almost settled into my diet (I had only cheated a little and sneaked in two cheat days when I went out on the dinner dates).

One thing that stopped was the scarring.

The acne disappeared, and my face still managed to look perfect. I was also keeping myself hydrated all the time on the diet, so I saw a lot of improvement in my weight and overall skin tone and quality.

My boyfriend even said that I looked radiant! And there’s no way I can take a compliment from a loved one casually.

3rd Month

I was officially in love!

I had lost the acne, and no breakouts were happening too. The occasional morning that I did wake up with a breakout, I just had to use one of the traditional methods to keep it out. One of the things that I found about myself that whenever I had stress at work, I would end up having breakouts.

I could stop worrying and focus on my life for once, and that was a huge plus for me.

A piece of advice to anyone who would try out this programme, wait till the third month which would likely bring the savings that you’ve been worrying about all this time.

Overall Impression of Acne No More

My whole feeling about this book is positive. I benefited a lot from this programme, and I feel like that it was something that I could use for the long term. While the sacrifices I had to make were heavy, they were nothing compared to the stress I regularly got because of acne.

This is something that I find hard to explain to someone who has never suffered from acne in a capacity that makes them feel terrible. 

So, I’d recommend it to everyone around me (I already have).

For all the people who suffer from acne which doesn’t seem to quit, I would recommend trying this out for size. Also, it does help with the scarring afterward (something I might hate more than the acne itself). Over time, the redness on my skin has gone down quite a lot, and that has made me a lot more confident in my interactions.

Another thing I would point out that as a direct relation to this diet. I lost a lot of weight which improved my self-confidence a lot. Taking Mike’s advice for stress let me sleep for a long time, and feel a lot better.

However, I take my job of reviewing seriously, and this does not take away the reservations that I’ve about this treatment.

Is the Book for Everyone?


While I hope that this helped everyone the same way, but it will not. Let’s be honest here; the sacrifices and the supplements that the book recommends are not something that everyone will have access to or would like to make.

If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment don’t go for something like this. There are a lot of synthetic products that give the satisfaction of getting rid of acne for the short-term, which might be more practical for your needs.

It would help if you considered the severity of your situation and then made the decision to try this out as a whole.

Which acne types does it help fight?

The “Acne No More” programme helps in all types of acne related problems, from moderate acne to the recurring nightmares that I used to have. You will have all the information about this when you read through the book, and you would find the stuff that will help you understand.

All you have to do is follow the advice religiously.

Hey, as the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.”


“Acne No More” is not a be-all, end-all to all your acne problems, but it sure does get close to being one. It asks you to go that extra mile, sure, but the results are worth it in the end. The book’s advice is something you can rely on to help with acne problems if you do stick to a proper diet.

While I understand the fact that this is a full-time programme and might not be for everyone, I’d still recommend this book to those around me. It has a solid premise, is written by a health professional, and is very likely to show the desired results if you follow through.

I would have preferred a less rigorous routine perhaps, but the thing is, most acne routines are just as ruthless as this one. If I’m taking pills and maintaining an expensive skincare regime while seeing my Dermatologist every week, I’m losing an equivalent amount of time.

So, yeah, Acne No More gets a definite YES from me.

If you’re interested in the eBook then don’t forget to click the button below for a discount!

If you’re still having doubts about this programme then, take a look at some of this success story. All of them went through this programme and had great things to day about it!

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acne no more review success story 1

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acne no more success story 3

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acne no more success story 4

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acne no more success story 21

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