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17 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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Being an acne-sufferer myself in the past, I am extremely aware that the fight doesn’t end when you get rid of your acne. Unfortunately, acne, especially deep, cystic acne, can leave marks and scars that will not disappear so easily.

I know this can be very frustrating, believe me!

I mean, come on – just when you thought that you solved the acne problem and now you will enjoy a clear complexion and be able to go outside in broad daylight without wearing a ton of foundation – there they are, the dreaded acne scars and tiny little holes that make your skin look like a sponge!

So, is there a way to get rid of these acne scars?

Of course!

It might seem impossible at first because acne scars need longer to diminish and eventually disappear, but with patience and persistence, everything is possible!

But what if you don’t have money to waste on expensive scar-fading medication?

Not to worry, we got your back!

Knowing how difficult it was for me to get rid of these annoying acne scars, I’ve decided to write this article and tell you that there is still hope!

In fact, here I will show you how to get rid of your acne scars without paying a fortune!

In this article, you will find 17 of the best acne scar home remedies that will help you clear out your complexion as fast as possible.

So What Exactly Is Acne Scars?

By now, we all know that acne is a combination of bacteria, dead skin cells, and excess sebum or oil stuck in a pore and inflamed.

When a severe case of acne occurs, the follicle wall in the pores can break, and this infection can destroy the actual healthy skin tissue.

And guess what we call this – yep, that’s right – an acne scar!

Pros and Cons of Acne Scar Home Remedies?

When compared to traditional products, acne scar home remedies will have several differences which I’m going to group into pros and cons.


  • Cheaper than conventional products
  • Safer than chemicals and artificial products
  • Fewer side effects
  • Not as harsh on the skin
  • Great results


  • Might not work as fast as store-bought products
  • Will require consistency and patience

17 Best Acne Scar Home Remedies

Whether your acne left behind some discoloration, spots, or actual deep scars, nature has given us the solution for everything.

We just have to know where to find it.

Below, you can see 17 acne scar home remedies that will bring back the life in your skin and prepare your skin to be flawless and glowing this summer.

1. Lemon Juice

AdobeStock 216418420

Lemon has many different features that work incredibly well together in order to decrease or completely get rid of acne scars.

First of all, lemons have a lot of Vitamin C in them, which promotes collagen production, thus helping improve the skin’s elasticity.

Next, lemons contain acid which acts as a natural and mild exfoliator. This feature will help you remove dead skin cells and promote skin shedding and renewal.

And finally, the fact that lemon is a natural bleaching agent also works in your favor, since you will be able to lighten up your complexion and decrease the visibility of any discoloration or redness caused by acne.

This triple effect of lemon makes it one of the most incredibly powerful acne scar home remedies.

To use lemon for your acne scars, you can either use it on its own and just apply it to the affected areas or mix it with some honey for an additional hydrating effect.

2. Coconut Oil

AdobeStock 268817598

Even though coconut oil might be contraindicative while you are still fighting acne, it can be very beneficial to fade away your acne scars.

We all know that coconut oil is an incredible deep moisturizer, which means your skin will be healthier and your marks and scars less visible.

But not just that, coconut oil is also a great source of Vitamin E as well as many other good fats that will speed up your skin reparation and recovery process and act as food for your skin.

To use this powerful acne scar home remedy, apply coconut oil directly on your scars or mix it with some other essential oils that have beneficial skin properties.

Use it daily if you want to see visible results faster!

3. Turmeric

AdobeStock 242026925

Turmeric is the active ingredient found in curcumin (the yummy spice we all have and adore in our food)! Turmeric is probably one of the most powerful home remedies for acne scar!

Its multiple skin benefits come from the fact that it has strong antibacterial, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties.

These features of Turmeric make it an incredible weapon for fighting both acne as well as acne scars left behind.

As an additional plus, Turmeric also has skin brightening properties so it will simultaneously fight any discoloration or marks on your skin.

And don’t worry – it will not turn your skin yellow!

Using turmeric to cure acne scars is pretty simple and straightforward – just mix turmeric powder with a bit of water to create a paste-like consistency and apply this mixture on your skin.

4. Honey

AdobeStock 217418561

This natural moisturizer packs a ton of health features, including the ability to fade and diminish your acne scars.

Considered to be one of the best acne scar home remedies, honey can deeply moisturize your skin, thus making acne scars less visible.

Furthermore, honey has antibacterial properties which means it can also help prevent the appearance of more acne.

For the best results, make sure to use raw and organic honey and apply it daily directly on the skin area where you have acne scars. Or, apply it to your whole face since honey is incredibly mild and doesn’t cause any irritations to your skin.

5. Potatoes

AdobeStock 266112580 1

Potatoes and potato juice hide an incredible secret – they can brighten up your skin and help you with any skin discoloration left behind from acne.

Potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals that will improve your skin’s health and look.

To use a potato as one of the greatest acne scar home remedies, just cut a slice of the raw potato and rub it on your acne scars. Alternatively, extract the juice of a raw potato and use a cotton ball to apply it to your skin.

Leave it on for a while and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Feel free to use this treatment daily because it’s not harsh to your skin at all!

6. Aloe Vera

AdobeStock 115089803

Considered one of the best natural remedies ever, Aloe Vera has numerous health benefits, not just for your skin but your overall wellbeing.

Aloe Vera’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce redness and swelling of your existing acne, thus preventing scars from forming.

Plus, it’s also good for your older and existing scars, since it has the power to speed up skin healing and the cell renewal and regeneration process.

When it comes to Aloe Vera, the best results can be achieved if you use the gel directly from the leaves, as opposed to using products based on Aloe Vera.

Feel free to just cut a leaf open and rub it on your skin or extract the gel, put it in a small jar in the fridge, and use it daily!

Trust me, your skin will never look and feel better!

Use Aloe Vera religiously!

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

AdobeStock 291238267

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for decades to treat all types of health and cosmetic problems. Since this vinegar is a natural astringent, it can increase blood flow and with this accelerate your skin’s healing and regenerative abilities.

This results in a much faster acne scar disappearance apkticket.

Since apple cider vinegar can be a bit harsh on the skin, it’s best to use it diluted in some water. Mix a ratio of 1:1 vinegar to water and dip a small cotton ball in this mixture.

Apply this solution only on the affected areas of skin.

Use it either daily or every second day if it dries out your skin too much, and you will soon start noticing visible results.

8. Tomatoes

AdobeStock 69282769

The beautiful red color we see in tomatoes comes from their carotenes and Vitamin A compounds.

These compounds do not serve just for making a tomato look pretty, but they also provide an antioxidant benefit which will speed up the healing of your acne scars and the regeneration of your damaged skin.

When preparing this acne scar remedy, use one or two raw tomato slices and crush them into a paste.

Apply this paste daily on your scar-affected area and in just a few weeks you will notice a huge improvement in the way your skin looks and feels.

9. Vitamin E Oil

AdobeStock 233008048

Vitamin E oil is a natural antioxidant which can ward off free radicals and improve many skin diseases including acne and acne scars.

Its healing power makes vitamin E oil one of the most effective acne scar home remedies.

Plus, it’s really cheap and easy to come by. You can purchase it as oil in a bottle, or you can use the soft Vitamin E capsules to extract the oil and apply it on your skin.

These capsules are usually made from gelatin, and the inside consists of glycerin, water, pure Vitamin E, and soybean oil. None of these ingredients is dangerous or damaging to your skin, so feel free to apply this oil and enjoy the skin benefits!

Another interesting approach to using Vitamin E for acne scar help is to squeeze the oil from 2 or 3 capsules into your daily moisturizer to enhance it and give it healing powers as well. Or, mix it into your night cream and let it work its magic while you sleep.

Gives a new meaning to the term ‘beauty sleep’!

10. Cucumbers

AdobeStock 84457402 1

I always perceived cucumbers as “mostly water.” And I still cannot believe just how wrong I was! It turns out, there’s a good reason why cucumbers have been used for skin health for ages!

Aside from being super-hydrating for your skin, cucumbers are also full of Vitamins (A, C), minerals, and magnesium. All of these compounds are incredibly beneficial for your skin health, especially in the aspect of fading acne marks and scars.

Cucumbers as a natural acne scar remedy can be used however you want.

Either cut thin slices and place them directly on your scar-affected area or crush them into a paste and apply it to your skin. It’s totally up to you!

Additionally, you can use this treatment for however long you want since cucumbers are very gentle on your skin and there is no danger of overdoing it!

11. Rosehip Seed Oil

AdobeStock 225737082

Used for ages to treat skin problems such as acne scarring, premature skin aging, sun damage, and discoloration, rosehip seed oil is a MUST if you are trying to get rid of acne scars and marks!

Being a natural anti-aging product, rosehip oil will make your skin look younger, improve its elasticity, reduce wrinkles, and speed up the healing process of your marks and scars.

For the best results with this oil, don’t just apply it on your skin and leave it there but massage the oil into the skin once or twice a day. By massaging this oil into the skin, you heat it up and help it release its active ingredients which enter deep under the skin!

Use it routinely for 2 or 3 weeks and make a comparison to see the incredible results you have achieved!

12. Fenugreek

AdobeStock 194737451 1

Fenugreek is an incredible plant famous in the Indian culture and used both in their cuisine as well as for its health benefits.

Apart from its skin whitening and hair strengthening properties, Fenugreek can also be used to speed up the healing process, reduce wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, and guess what – fade acne scars!

Researchers consider the seeds and leaves of Fenugreek to be one of the best acne scar home remedies.

This opinion comes from its high content of Vitamin K.

For years back, Vitamin K has been used as a treatment for stretch marks, discoloration, pigmentation, spider veins, and acne scars. Aside from Vitamin K, Fenugreek is also rich in Vitamin A, calcium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, and iron.

A legit health bomb!

In order for your skin to take in all these ingredients, it’s best to boil or soak the Fenugreek seeds overnight, and then grind them together with some honey. Like this, you will get a paste which is easily applicable to your face.

Apply this paste on your whole face and massage it a bit so that it doubles as a mild exfoliator. Leave the paste on for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

13. Sugar Scrub

AdobeStock 261936345

I chose sugar as an exfoliating agent not just because of its coarseness, but also because sugar cane contains glycolic acid able to speed up skin regeneration, meaning it will help you get rid of acne scars much faster.

To make this exfoliating scrub more effective, mix it with lemon juice so that you get a paste-like consistency.

However, sugar exfoliation can be a bit rough on the skin, especially if you still have active acne, so be careful not to overdo it.

After exfoliation, apply some water-based and non-comedogenic moisturizer so that you don’t have a flaky and dry facial skin.

14. Tea Tree Oil

AdobeStock 272146231

This oil is one of the most commonly used acne scar home remedies. But not only that, but tea tree oil is also used for an effective treatment of active acne.

Many people have found this oil to be the best natural alternative for getting rid of both acne and acne scars, without causing any of the nasty side effects of conventional over-the-counter or prescription medication.

The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory features of tea tree oil are what gives it the power to treat acne and acne scars effectively.

You can either put some drops of diluted tea tree oil directly on the affected areas only or mix a few drops with some neutral oil such as coconut, and apply it all over your face.

15. Castor Oil

Castor Oil

Known for its rich Vitamin E and Omega-3 content, Castor oil is an essential item to keep in your drawer if you have acne scar problems.

These powerful compounds in Castor oil will make your skin deeply moisturized, give it more elasticity, and help your skin rejuvenate and repair faster.

Furthermore, Castor oil can help with skin discoloration and pigmentation caused by acne and sun damage.

To use this effective acne scar remedy is very easy – simply put some drops of this oil on your fingers and apply it on your scarred area.

Leave it to work its magic overnight! You will be amazed at how soft and fresh your skin looks in the morning.

16. Garlic

AdobeStock 138508117

In fresh garlic, there is a compound called allicin which is the main reason why this vegetable can be an incredible acne scar remedy.

Allicin has some incredibly strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties which will not only help your acne scars to heal but will also prevent additional acne breakouts!

To use this cure and achieve results, it’s best to cut one garlic clove in half and rub it on your acne scarred area.

Alternatively, another great option is to mince or grind the garlic clove so that it releases allicin and apply this paste to the scarred skin.

Use this daily for the best results!

17. Egg Whites

AdobeStock 198899574 1

It’s often we hear about the incredible effects of egg white masks. They have been used for ages as an effective way to get rid of blackheads, tighten the skin, and lighten up some marks and hyperpigmentation.

Well, guess what, egg whites are also an incredible cure for acne scars.

For the best results, you can also add some lemon juice in the egg whites and whisk this mixture well.

When it becomes white and foam-like, apply it as a mask on your face and leave it there for approximately 30 minutes.

Just wash your face afterward with lukewarm water, and you’re done!

Feel free to repeat this treatment daily, and within 2 or 3 weeks you should already notice visible results.


Personally, I’ve never noticed a big difference or improvement when I used conventional acne scar products as opposed to acne scar home remedies.

For me, the home remedies were always a better option because they gave me incredible results without any strong side effects, besides some soft skin irritation if you overuse some remedy.

As you can see, there are many nature-given cures for this problem which means you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to get rid of acne scars.

The advice that I would give you, no matter which acne scar treatment you decide to use, is to use it regularly and consistently if you wish to see results.

Unless you submit yourself to cosmetic procedures and needles, there is no magic cure that will cure your acne scars after one application. Both home remedies, as well as conventional products, need time to work!

Finally, make sure to love, respect, and appreciate yourself with all your marks and scars! Remember that no one is perfect and we all have something we don’t like about ourselves. Learn how to love yourself from the inside out! And remember – establishing a few simple, healthy habits can sometimes be more powerful than buying one expensive product that you barely use!

I hope you found my list of acne scar home remedies beneficial and that one of these natural cures was exactly the thing you were looking for! If you have any more ideas or know different natural treatments that work well for resolving acne scars, share them with us in the comments. Like this, we will mutually help each other and other people who are fighting this same problem!

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