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5 Best Non-Comedogenic Foundations

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You wake up, and while washing your face, you suddenly see a pesky little pimple: 

Has that ever happened to you?

Pretty sure it has, unless you have god gifted skin.

There is nothing worse than waking up to pimples on your face, especially if you have big plans for the day.

While following a skincare routine might help prevent breakouts, another immediate solution you can use is, applying a non-comedogenic foundation to conceal the acne.

You might be wondering:

Non-comedogenic, what’s that?

In this article, you will learn what non-comedogenic means and see our 5 best non-comedogenic foundation.

Don’t feel like reading 3,718 words? I recommend getting the Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Makeup. If you need long coverage time and can’t be bothered to re-apply then this is the one.

Top 5 Non-Comedogenic Foundation Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart

51IzjIgt6aL. SL500
bellapierre Mineral Foundation SPF 15 Loose Finishing Powder | All-Natural Vegan & Cruelty Free Full Coverage Concealer | Hypoallergenic & Safe for All Skin Types | Oil & Talc Free – 0.32 Oz Cinnamon
31mci1jQq7L. SL500
Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Acne-Concealing Pressed Powder Compact, Shine-Free & Oil-Absorbing Makeup with Salicylic Acid to Cover, Treat & Prevent Breakouts, Natural Ivory 20.38 oz (Pack of 2)
515oqbNv30L. SL500
L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup, W4 Natural Beige, 0.3 oz.
31U6rzqdImL. SL500
Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Makeup, Long Wearing Natural Finish Foundation with Vitamin E and Lemon Extract, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free, -Fragrance Free, Dermatologist Tested, 160 Naked, 1 oz
41mLtvbWO4L. SL500
Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid Foundation (Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation), Porcelain Ivory, 1 fl. oz.

What Is a Non-Comedogenic Foundation?

Non-comedogenic foundation can be best explained by breaking down the word.

A comedo is a type of pimple that occurs when the pores of your skin are clogged. This blockage may occur due to the production of excess sebum by your body, which adds to the dead skin cells to clog the pores.

Comedogenic products are those which have chemicals that increases the likelihood of this problem. For instance, if a foundation has oil in it, it is likely to cause more production of sebum, which will lead to breakouts.

Does this mean those with a tendency to develop acne should boycott foundation along with other makeup products?

No. All you need to do is use a non-comedogenic foundation instead. A non-comedogenic foundation does not have any of the chemicals that enhance acne. Also, they serve to conceal the present breakouts!

Why Should You Use a Non-Comedogenic Foundation?

While there is no 100% guarantee that a non-comedogenic foundation will not clog your pores, when you compare it to a foundation which does contain chemicals known to cause clogging, the chances of a non-comedogenic foundation causing breakouts are low.

I have had problematic skin for as long as I can remember. Before I knew the difference between comedogenic and non-comedogenic foundations and other makeup products, I used to think that all makeup products aggravate my acne problem. However, when I used a product which was oil-free, I found that there were fewer breakouts on my skin.

While it is not a guaranteed solution and I can only speak for myself, it has been known to work.

What to Look For in a Foundation?

There are certain things you must look for in a foundation, which are tied to why you need a foundation in the first place.

A foundation is applied to cover blemishes or combat dual skin tone. Also, foundation, as the name suggests, can also provide a base for all the other makeup that follows it, ranging from bronzer to highlighter.

Here are 2 factors you need to consider when buying a non-comedogenic foundation.


Coverage refers to how easy it is to see through the product. While some foundations provide minimal coverage (i.e., they cover your spots, but you can still see your skin), a high-coverage foundation turns your skin into a blank canvas with your actual skin hidden well behind the product.

Which coverage is best for you depends on your skin type. For those of you who have dual skin tone and a lot of scarring, a heavy-coverage foundation might be the best choice. However, if you have perfect skin and are merely applying a foundation to form a base for other products, a sheer coverage might do the trick.


Different foundations will have different prices. Now, while a premium product may not always be the best choice, low-priced foundations are highly likely to be bad for your skin. Also, if you choose a foundation which has a low price, the chances are that the coverage might not be as good and the foundation might not last throughout the day.

This doesn’t mean that premium products always guarantee that a foundation is going to last long or not cause breakouts. I have had bad experiences with high-end brands as well. At the end of the day, it comes down to whether the price is justified by the features offered. One way to know this is by reading reviews of other users.

How to Best Use a Non-Comedogenic Foundation?

Remember that merely putting on this type of foundation might not be enough to prevent the occurrence of acne. Instead, you need to use the foundation properly for maximum effect.

Change the Type of Foundation You Use

Even when a product is non-comedogenic, there is still a chance of getting acne. Understand that this might be due to the type of foundation you use. For instance, some people might experience breakouts due to a liquid foundation, while others skin reacts to cream. Hence, if your skin breaks out even when you are using non-comedogenic foundation, try changing it.

Application Method Matters

A non-comedogenic foundation can only help you if it is equipped with a favorable environment. I am talking about your method of application. You can use various ways to apply foundation which include using a sponge, a makeup brush or your fingers. If you rarely clean your sponge and makeup brushes, it doesn’t matter how great of a foundation you use; you will still develop an acne. After all, you are rubbing off bacteria from the dirty tools on your face. There will be repercussions, right?

Limit Your Usage

I might sound like the bad guy here, but someone needs to say it. If your acne problems persist even after you switch to a non-comedogenic foundations, it might be because you are using too much product.  Maybe tone it down a little. Remember, if you are a pro at it, you can achieve great results with less foundation as well.

What to Avoid When Buying a Non-Comedogenic Foundation

Since there is no regulated definition of what chemicals or ingredients need to be absent from a foundation for it to be non-comedogenic, you might find a lot of foundations making this claim.

How do you put their claim to the test then? Well, you can’t.

What you can do is avoid certain types of products, regardless of whether they claim to be non-comedogenic or not.

Alcohol-Based Foundations

I believe that foundations which are equipped with fragrance or alcohol should be a no-go for all. While my opinion might be a bit extreme considering I have had allergic reactions due to such products, the fact remains that a foundation which has alcohol in it commonly causes harm to the skin, especially if you have oily skin.

Solid Foundation

Foundation sticks and those with creamy consistency might not fare well with sensitive skin. This is because the ingredients and chemicals that go into making these products might trigger further breakouts. I know creamy foundation may seem ideal for concealing your scars, but from what I have seen, that comes at a cost of more pimples.

What Makes a Foundation Best for Acne?

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the fact that many brands merely slap on the term “non-comedogenic” and cannot live up to this claim.

The question then arises, what makes any foundation best for problematic skin? If Joshua Zeichner, M.D., is to be believed, it is one which has an “oil-free and tout water” formula. Moreover, dimethicone might also be a worthy ingredient to look for since it is known to absorb excess oil.

5 Best Non-Comedogenic Foundations Reviewed

You might still be confused about which foundation to choose, especially since there is an abundance of non-comedogenic foundations in the market, how can you be sure that the one you pick is the best?

Well, I am here to help you. After using and reviewing various products, here are the five best non-comedogenic foundations that I found.

Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation, Cinnamon Review

51IzjIgt6aL. SL500

You might not be aware of this brand since it is not as well-known as some of the other major cosmetic brands in the market. However, when I was using this mineral foundation, I found it to be a great addition to my makeup bag.

There is no excess oil, talc or dyes in the product. This is the reason why Bella Pierre might be ideal for people with skin issues, whether it be acne or rosacea. All of the ingredients that are missing are known culprits for skin problems, so the fact that this mineral foundation avoids them makes it a worthy foundation.

The best part about this foundation is the fact that it only has 4 ingredients and they are all natural! The ingredients are Mica, Zinc Oxides, Iron Oxides and Titanium Dioxide, all 4 of them are known to be gentle, protective and nurturing for the skin!

Additionally, I also find the mineral foundation to be long-lasting. It didn’t show any lines or breakage, even though I went an entire day without freshening up my makeup. You might find this feature to be astonishing to have in a non-comedogenic foundation.

Since the foundation is SPF 15, you can expect it to offer satisfactory protection against the sun as well. However, I would advise you not to count on it for maximum protection under direct sunlight.

In my opinion this is the best non-comedogenic foundation for an acne prone skin or an oily skin. If that’s your main concern, this should be perfect for you!

What I liked

  • When I used the mineral foundation, it blended easily and didn’t feel cakey on the skin.
  • The coverage provided by the foundation is satisfactory.
  • It does not irritate sensitive skin owing to the lack of certain components.
  • 4 Natural ingredients.
  • It leaves a nice glow and a matte finish.
  • The packaging is great and contains quite a lot of product for the price.
  • It aids in hiding dual skin tone.

What I didn’t like

  • While the brand claims that it acts as a concealer, it fails to hide blemishes effectively.
  • Since it is not a pressed powder, it can create quite a lot of mess when being used.
  • The shades are lighter than what you would expect.
  • For those of you who have normal skin, the powder might make your skin dry.

Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder, Natural Ivory 20 Review

31mci1jQq7L. SL500

Neutrogena has various makeup products that have been popular among users, one of which is, its mineral powder. The foundation is in powder form, which might not fare well with some of you, because consistently applying a powder foundation is quite a hassle and powders tend to cake a lot.

When compared to other mineral powders, Neutrogena SkinClearing manages to offer ease of use. It comes with a dual-sided applicator that aids in ensuring that the coverage is smooth and consistent.

Furthermore, the formula of the foundation does not irritate the skin. For me, this served to be a huge plus point since my skin reacts to pretty much every other product.

The mineral powder is available in eight different shades. This allows the brand to cater to most skin tones, so the chances of you finding the perfect match for your skin are high with this product. This is bound to be a source of convenience for most of you.

The coverage offered by the mineral powder is buildable. This means that if you are not satisfied with the coverage after the first application, you can keep putting on coats until you reach your ideal level.

What I like

  • The formula is hypoallergic and succeeds in covering up blemishes and acne.
  • The inclusion of salicylic acid prevents the occurrence of acne.
  • It is easier to find the perfect shade in this foundation.
  • The price of the product is affordable.
  • It provides quality coverage without having to use too much foundation.
  • The foundation is odorless which may fare well with those who are not fans of fragranced products.
  • It feels quite light on the skin.

What I didn’t like

  • The powder contains ethylhexyl palmitate which is known to cause reactions in some people.
  • The skin feels oily after a few hours.
  • While it claims to have a compact packaging, the foundation is too bulky to carry in your everyday makeup bag.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup Review

515oqbNv30L. SL500

If I were to discuss makeup and not include L’Oréal, it might be viewed as a colossal mistake by all the beauty gurus out there. There might be a lot of you who don’t think of L’Oréal as their go-to cosmetic brand, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it has been around for a century and is considered as one of the pioneers of cosmetics.

Its True Match Super-Blendable Compact Makeup foundation is an excellent non-comedogenic product.

When it comes to providing a variety of shades, it seems like this foundation has taken it upon itself to satisfy the masses. It is available in 18 different shades. This might be beneficial for those who never seem to find their true shade when hunting for foundations.

The coverage of the product is satisfactory and doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin. This weightless coverage will be perfect for those who put on their makeup at the start of the day and wash it off at night. When it comes to the formula, L’Oréal True Match foundation does not contain any oil or pore-clogging filler.

What I like

  • The coverage of the foundation is satisfactory.
  • It blends well and doesn’t take much time to put on, which might be perfect for those who are always running late.
  • The creamy consistency of the foundation feels light on the skin and aids in quick application.
  • It does not require powder for setting since the foundation feels smooth on its own.
  • It does not irritate the skin and might be ideal for those with sensitive skin.
  • The compact packaging makes this an ideal foundation to carry in your makeup bag.

What I didn’t like

  • The applicator included in the product fails to apply the foundation evenly.
  • The price might be too high for the liking of many.
  • If you already have oily skin, you might find this foundation to be too oily.

Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Makeup Review

31U6rzqdImL. SL500

This 3.2-ounce foundation has become one of my go-to products.

Before I started reviewing these products, I always had trouble finding a foundation that stayed on perfectly for the entire day. However, when I tested this product’s claim of 16 hours of coverage and found it to live up to this claim, I was pleasantly surprised.

Even if you work outdoors where heat and humidity surround you, this foundation stays on. This is a feature I didn’t find in any other product on this list. Additionally, the coverage itself is flawless and might satisfy those with heavy scarring.

The foundation aids in brightening up the skin tone. This is achieved by the addition of vitamin E and lemon extract in the formula.

What I liked

  • It is available in a variety of shades.
  • It is easy to apply and blends well without requiring a lot of effort.
  • It manages to take the term “long lasting” to a whole new level with its 16-hour coverage.
  • It might ideal for those who look for light to medium coverage.
  • It features a matte finish which makes it a good choice for those with oily skin.
  • It is hypoallergic and does not contain comedogenic elements.
  • The addition of zinc oxide plays a pivotal role in preventing sebum from forming.

What I didn’t like

  • It is not the ideal foundation for sun protection.
  • It feels cakey, especially when you try to build up the coverage.
  • For those of you with extremely oily skin, the long-lasting benefits may not apply.

Maybelline New York Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation Review

41mLtvbWO4L. SL500

Again, the discussion on the five best non-comedogenic foundations will be incomplete without the inclusion of Maybelline. Maybelline is known in the cosmetic world for its quality products, and its Liquid Mousse foundation lives up to the legacy.

Those of you who are looking for medium or light coverage, this is not the foundation for you. However, any of you who wish to convert your skin into a blank canvas and want to cover all your pores and scars completely, this liquid mousse manages to do the trick.

Generally, full coverage foundations tend to feel heavy on the skin. This is where Maybelline Liquid Mousse proved to be an exception. No one likes to feel as if they are wearing makeup. I completely forgot I had it on when going about my day.

Also, the consistency of the liquid foundation lies between not too thick and not too runny. This helps the product in neither being too cakey nor too difficult to blend.

What I liked

  • It stays on for a long time.
  • It does not feel sticky or heavy on the skin.
  • It succeeds in covering up acne, red marks and scarring.
  • It is both hypoallergic and non-comedogenic.
  • The packaging and pump delivery are convenient in getting the right amount of product per usage.

What I didn’t like

  • The shades come out darker than expected. It has an orangish tinge to it.
  • While it claims to have a matte finish, it ends up looking too cakey.
  • It causes dryness of skin.
  • It can be difficult to apply the foundation consistently, and it takes a long time to blend it properly.
  • Once the foundation starts running out, it is hard to get the product out of the pump bottle.

Conclusion: Winner!

While all of the foundations mentioned on this list succeeded in delivering quality and are worth the money spent, I personally was a huge fan of Almay Truly Lasting Color Liquid Makeup.

This is because not only did this foundation succeed in preventing breakouts due to its non-comedogenic formula, but it was also able to do so at a reasonable price! Additionally, the coverage provided by the liquid foundation was excellent and long-lasting, which are the two features I look for in any foundation.

Since I don’t have extensively oily skin, the only flaw I found was its low sun protection. Let’s face it, you can always use a moisturizer with sunscreen protection for this. You can also pair this up with a non-comedogenic moisturizer!

Another one I can vouch for is the Bella Pierre Mineral Foundation, I used it once and it was amazing, I just didn’t like that it was a mineral foundation, but if you can ignore that, this is one of my favorite as well. Let’s not forget the fact that it only has 4 natural ingredients!

This does not mean that the other four products on the list are not good. These are the best of the best, but your choice may vary. In reality, it all boils down to what you look for in a non-comedogenic foundation and your skin type. Since there is no universal best foundation, your favorite one might be different from my choice.

At the end of the day, what matters is choosing a foundation which does not aggravate your skin problems. Consider all the factors mentioned above and then choose the one that will suit you perfectly. Be wise about this purchase decision, and you are good to go.

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