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Science Says These 3 Items Are the Best Natural Cures for Acne

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Acne sufferers who’ve tried every mainstream acne cure and spent a fortune trying to get rid of their acne are the people who will completely relate to this article I’m writing!

Do you feel like nothing works for you?

Have you also spent a fortune trying out every acne product that exists on the market?

But nothing seems to be working…

Well, believe me when I say – I understand this problem completely! You name it, I’ve probably tried it all!

I started wondering – since all the expensive acne products don’t seem to work that well on my skin, is the solution may be somewhere else?

Is it really necessary to make a hole in my wallet when nothing seems to work anyways? What if the cure was in front of my face all this time? 

And well…it turned out to be true!

In fact, the most success I’ve had was never with expensive acne lotions, creams or serums, but with things from my fridge and pantry!

YES, that’s right!

Some of the best natural acne cures for acne are cheap and affordable, and furthermore, they are scientifically-proven!

1. Tea Tree Oil

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One of the most well-known but underrated cures for acne given to us by nature is tea tree oil!

This oil, coming from the Australian tea tree, has been proven to be just as effective as some harsher treatment options such as Benzoyl Peroxide.

The difference was that tea tree oil showed much fewer side effects and was more suitable for long-term use.

This study conducted in 1990 showed that 5% tea tree oil gel is a perfect solution for mild to moderate acne vulgaris!

Another randomized, double-blind study conducted in 2007 compared the effects between two groups; one group was given 5% tea tree oil gel while the other was given a placebo.

This study concluded that the group that used tea tree oil had significant decrease of total acne lesions count (TLC) and acne severity index (ASI) when compared to the group that was given a placebo. In regards to TLC, the tea tree oil was proven to be 3.55 times more effective than placebo. In terms of ASI, tea tree oil showed to be an amazing 5.75 times more effective than the placebo.

These two studies (as well as countless more conducted on tea tree oil in regards to acne) show us that tea tree oil is indeed an incredible natural acne-fighting agent which results with zero side effects and clear skin!

In the past, tea tree oil was used in Australia as a topical relief from bites, stings, and cuts. Then, laboratory tests showed that this oil could also be used to treat tinea, dandruff, and MRSA. And finally, studies have proven that tea tree oil can also be an effective natural cure for minor skin infections and conditions such as acne.

The antiseptic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties of this incredible oil are the things that make it such a powerful acne-battling agent.

In the beginning, when you first decide to use tea tree oil products, first of all, make sure that it contains at least 5% tea tree oil so that it’s effective. But also try not to purchase anything with a higher percentage because it might be too harsh for your skin.

Then, make sure to do a patch test – apply tea tree oil on a small area of your skin to check if you are allergic or overly sensitive to it. If you see that your skin handles tea tree oil well, feel free to apply it on your affected areas.


Use it regularly and religiously!

Trust me, it might take a bit longer to work, but you will see incredible results after some weeks!

2. Blue and Red LED light phototherapy

AdobeStock 450801094

Have you noticed how your skin looks so much better after a few beach days exposed to the Sun? Your skin is darker, and your acne is magically gone!

Unfortunately, we all know that UV exposure is not healthy at all for the skin since it might cause premature skin aging, dryness, burns, and even skin cancer.

So, is it possible to take all the benefits and none of the risks? Of course! And science also agrees!

The discovery of isolated blue and red LED light therapy is one of the greatest accomplishments in skincare.

Like this, we will receive all of the same benefits without any of the risks that come with prolonged exposure to UV light.

Why should we use a combined (red and blue) light therapy?

Well, because each of these two lights has its own effect and they work best when they are used combined. Red light is able to significantly decrease acne inflammation while the special blue LED light is able to kill the bacteria that causes acne called P. acnes.

According to studies, LED phototherapy with blue and red lights is an amazingly effective solution for mild to moderate acne. Furthermore, it’s a completely safe, painless, and natural way to get rid of acne. This means that you will experience zero side effects while still achieving incredibly visible improvements! Who doesn’t want that?

One study conducted on 24 acne sufferers showed that non-inflammatory lesions were improved for 34.28% while inflammatory lesions for an astonishing 77.93%. As an additional plus, 14 of these patients also reported a brighter skin tone and an improved skin texture.

Well, I think that trying this is definitely worth it!

And finally, I would just like to give you a word of warning – light therapy will not work on blackheads or whiteheads. Its purpose is to decrease the inflammation in red and inflamed acne, in order to reduce swelling, inflammation, and redness by killing bacteria. It is not meant to suck out the blackhead/whitehead from the pore.

If you wish to try light therapy as one of the best natural cure for acne, you can choose to visit a professional salon where they will do this procedure for you or buy a home product such as Neutrogena’s Light Therapy Mask.

Prices of such products can vary greatly so do your own research so that you make an informed decision. 

3. Green Tea Extract

AdobeStock 163249027 1

We are all aware of the benefits to our overall health from drinking great tea daily. However, researchers tell us that green tea is also an amazing natural cure for acne when used topically.

This feature of green tea comes from its antioxidant compounds, especially from EGCG or epigallocatechin-3-gallate.

I would like to put the accent on two studies (one in-vitro and the second study in-vivo: tested on human volunteers) which both examined the benefits of topical EGCG creams or topical solutions in regards to curing acne.

In the first study, researchers found out that EGCG significantly reduced the size of sebaceous glands (the culprits of sebum production) as well as decreased inflammation. These features of EGCG are exactly what we need when we are looking for the perfect natural acne cure!

The second study (the one where they tested on human volunteers) showed even more promising results! Namely, they found out that EGCG found in green tea could reduce sebum production and decrease inflammation. The study confirmed that during a period of 8 weeks, EGCG significantly improved the acne of the human subjects.

Furthermore, it was proven that EGCG is able to target all 3 culprits of acne: sebum production, inflammation, and P. acne bacteria!

This was a randomized, double-blind study where participants were given two different lotions, one with EGCG and one without, and were told to apply one cream on one half and the second cream on the other half of their face. The results were breathtaking. The EGCG part of their face was visibly improved, and the acne was significantly reduced!

As you can see, green tea is good not just for the inside but also the outside of your body. A topical cream or lotion containing a good amount of EGCG can be just what you need in your battle with acne.

As an additional bonus, this is a completely natural cure for acne which means there will be no side effects and your skin will be able to tolerate this cure perfectly!

Now that you know the benefits of green tea for your skin, feel free to continue drinking your regular cup of green tea but also add it as a topical solution so that your skin is also able to feel the goodness!

Bonus Tips

Aside from the above-mentioned science-backed natural cures for acne, there are many more cheap and natural cures that cost nothing and can be of huge help. Some other natural cures for acne that you could try are:

  • Raw Organic Honey – contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight acne and nourish your skin
  • Lemon juice – can alkalize your body and its acid can dry out acne and control sebum production
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – similar properties to lemon juice, you can dab some cotton in this vinegar and use it as a spot treatment for acne
  • Curcumin – the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has incredible acne-fighting properties and can attack acne from multiple sides (improving insulin levels, decreasing inflammation, and killing bacteria)
  • Zinc – lowers inflammation and has amazing skin cell reparation properties
  • Witch Hazel – the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of witch hazel are known for reducing acne, getting rid of dandruff, eczema, insect bites, etc.
  • Aloe Vera – the gel of this magical plant can soothe your skin, heal acne scars, help with burns and reduce inflammation
  • Fish Oil – omega-3s in fish oil can feed your skin and decrease acne appearance while at the same time improve your skin health and tone
  • Low Glycemic Diet – a diet high in sugars and refined carbs can spike insulin levels and cause hormonal imbalances which result in acne breakouts
  • No Dairy – experts recommend avoiding dairy products as much as possible for people who seek acne relief
  • Water – perhaps one of the most important tips that anyone can ever give you not just for acne relief but for your overall health is to drink enough water and hydrate your cells
  • Exercise – regular exercise will help your body release toxins much faster, thus reducing the chances of acne breakouts
  • Decrease Stress – known as a factor for many serious diseases and conditions, stress also plays a huge part in acne formation, so try to decrease your stress levels as much as possible


As we can see, acne relief does not always require expensive creams or lotions. Sometimes, the cure is very cheap and simple, we just have to know where to look.

I hope that these 3 best science-backed natural cures for acne will help and support you in your journey toward a clearer skin! By following my tips and incorporating at least some of them into your daily skincare routine, I’m sure you will see visible improvements.

And finally, the most important this for getting rid of acne is persistence and patience! There is no magical cure that works in just some days. No matter which method you choose for getting rid of your acne, all of them need time to work. Do not give up after one week. Be patient and consistent, and you will definitely see amazing results!

The secret of acne relief lies in the small and simple healthy habits!

Bottom line – acne is a very common which can have many different causes and underlying problems. If you see that none of these suggested methods work for you and instead of getting better your condition gets progressively worse, then you might be suffering from an underlying cause that needs additional treatments.

So, if you do not see acne relief after some weeks of using natural or over-the-counter products, visit a dermatologist before your acne condition becomes severe.

And finally, I would love to hear your own experiences and tips regarding acne, so feel free to share your own acne success stories!

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    1. Sorry for the late reply. To a degree, they are reliable as there are proven studies made. But it also depends on the type/condition of skin you have.

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