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32 Amazing Skin Care Blogs That Really Know Their Stuff!

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If you’re looking for a skin care blog to help you with your skin problems while also having fun reading, then you’ve to come to the right place. Here are the 32 best skin care blogs online.

We’re living in the digital age, and there are thousands of skin care blogs on the web.

Which is why I spent 3 months searching on the web and reading each and every post to provide you with an exclusive list.

The best of the best!

Whether you have acne or dry skin problems, I assure you these skin care blogs has the information to help you with your skin problems.

Lab Muffin

Lab Muffin is an amazing blog run by Michelle. She has a Ph.D. in chemistry and reviews beauty products that are worth buying with the power of science!

If you’re looking for new products and a trustworthy review, check out her reviews, it might give you more insight into the product!

Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is another incredibly helpful and informative blog. Caroline is an internationally qualified aesthetician who has been working with more than 100 well-known brands!

Caroline reveals many skincare secrets that will help you keep your skin young and healthy. On top of that, she recently hit 100 million page views on her blog, congratulation!

British Beauty Blogger

British Beauty Blogger is another awesome skin care blog ran by Jane Cunningham – a successful beauty writer who has an impressive background including writing 4 books!

What I like most about Jane and her blog is the fact that she is brutally honest and will always tell you when a product is not worth buying!

This is something we all need – to hear the actual truth for a certain product before we go ahead and throw our money on something that’s not helpful!

Prime Beauty

This is an incredibly resourceful blog for every woman over 40! Cindy, the Editor of Prime Beauty understands the needs of a woman not just on the outside but also from the inside! Prime Beauty aims to celebrate, inspire, and help all women in need with their helpful tips and tricks, product reviews, in-depth explanations as well as many giveaways!

From makeup, skin care, hair care, Prime Beauty has it all!

Fifty Shades of Snail

If you want to learn about Asian skincare from one of the best beauty blogs out there. Check out Fifty Shades of Snail! Judge offers you a complete, in-depth guide on building your own Asian skincare routine, starting from sunscreens to toners, acids, serums, creams and everything in between!

Make sure to check out her blog if you wish to see genuine product reviews and learn more about Asian skincare!

Simple Skincare Science

Simple Skincare Science is run a guy under the name f.c. He has been through all kinds of skin problems from an early age. Its one of my favorite skincare blog because his post is really thorough and super informative.

It’s a must read if you are a skincare maniac.

From extensive guides to skin care to lists of ingredients and what they’re good for, he tries to explain everything you need to know to improve your skin condition. All in all, Simple Skincare Science is a MUST blog to read if you wish to educate yourself and get the help you need!

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

Combining their love of organic farming with their passion for natural and organic skin care, Lily Farm Fresh is actually the 7th generation of actual American farmers! Founded by the original farmer, Lily, back in 1986, this company has preserved their quality and pureness for all lovers of natural skin care out there!

With carefully chosen ingredients coming straight from their organic farms, you will never find any synthetic dyes or chemical in these products! Check out their blog if you’re into organic skincare.

Hey April

Aprill is the founder and creative brain behind Hey Aprill – a blog where you can find honest product reviews about skin care, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, etc.

Aprill aims to share not just the products that worked wonders for her, but also her tips, tricks, and guides which are incredibly helpful. She also gives advice on skin care, nail care, hair care, determining your skin type, and even printable skin care routine planners that will help you stick to your daily regimen! Amazing, right?

The Pai Life

Sarah Brown is the founder and genius behind The Pai Life. If you read her story, it’s more than clear how she got the inspiration for her blog.

Basically, she has had overly-sensitive skin her whole life and decided to help people who suffer from sensitive skin fix their daily skin problems. After all, a sufferer is the one who knows best!

With a mission to help herself, she has created a line of organic and incredibly effective products that can help anyone with her skin type. Check out The Pai Life if you wish to find a solution for your sensitive skin once and for all!

Acne Einstein

Seppo Puusa is a guy who’s been through one hell of a journey and tried all types of natural and chemical products, diets, fasting and so much more… for years and years until he finally decided to do his own research and make up his mind!

Through extensive research and science-based facts, he finally managed to clear out his skin, and now his mission is to transfer this knowledge to fellow sufferers!

His science-based natural acne treatment program will help you discover the root cause of your specific acne, eliminate it, and achieve long-lasting results!

The Love Vitamin

Tracy, a girl whose face was once covered by acne, has discovered the secret to be healthy and flawless skin. Since then, she has created The Love Vitamin blog to help women worldwide fight their acne, and now has over 50.000 satisfied followers!

With many different acne programs, resources, and even a Bootcamp and an Academy, Tracy is changing the lives of women all over the world.

Check out her blog to learn all her best pieces of advice, tips, and tricks for flawless skin!

​This That Beauty

ThisThatBeauty and Felicia – the creative brain behind it – has evolved from a site where you can read product reviews to their own lifestyle brand which appeared and many different publications in famous magazines such as Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Elle, etc.

Aside from the honest product reviews that can be found on this blog, you can also find tons of informative and educational content as well as numerous videos that explain step-by-step how to use a certain product!

Be Beautilicious

Shalini is the creator and author of the beauty and lifestyle blog called Be Beautilicious. Aside from helpful product reviews, this beauty blogger also shares her favorite DIY products and projects as well as tips on how Indian women manage to look so flawless all the time!

Aside from this, on this blog, you will also be able to find many different travel suggestions as well as tons of fashion tips. What more could we ask for!


Tracy, a brutally honest yet hilarious 35-year-old who’s a huge lover of Korean skincare and beauty products has helped many people worldwide get rid of their acne through her amazing Fanserviced-b blog!

On this blog, you can find different helpful resources such as skin care routines, product reviews, as well as a funny and positive community of followers. Tracy has found the secret to success and wants to share it with all of you! Make sure to check out her blog!

Berries in the Snow

Focused primarily on Korean and Japanese products, Miss Laven gives honest and in-depth reviews of products she has personally tried. I was surprised to find many great product suggestions from her blog that actually worked, so I urge you to visit the blog and see for yourself.

Besides, she offers many coupons and discounts for her faithful readers. So don’t miss out and check out Berries in the Snow now!

Geeky Posh

Definitely not the face of a typical geek, this posh girl has started blogging since 2002 and now her passion has grown into an incredible beauty and lifestyle blog which targets skin care, product reviews, as well as blogging tips for anyone interested to start their own blog and be successful!

On Geeky Posh, you can find information about where to shop, which products are best to buy, and how to properly use them.

Snow White and the Asian Pear

If you love Asian cosmetics and BB creams, then this blog is definitely the right choice for you!

This blog is careful to point out that each skin type is different and she is not in the position to recommend products and promise they will work for you. So, instead, she gives you her honest opinions and reviews and tell you what worked for her skin type!

Snow White and the Asian Pear will give you a wide variety of skin care routines categorized by skin type, different seasons, as well as the science behind many products. Overall, I’ve found this blog to be incredibly insightful and helpful for everyone who wants to educate themselves on everything regarding skin care!

Style Vanity

Created in 2016 by Alyssa Martinez, this blog will keep you always in the loop of all the newest Asian Beauty trends and skin care products!

Style Vanity can give you many different and sincere product reviews that will help you make an informed decision before purchasing a product you might regret later. Aside from skincare, on this blog, you can also find makeup and hair tips and product reviews, as well as in-depth guides of Korean, Filipino, and Japanese product brands.

Skin Tour

If you are after a trustworthy and reliable source of information and are sick of not knowing what to trust, Skin Tour is the place for you!

Dr. Brandith Irwin is board-certified in dermatology, and she has decided to share her medical and scientific knowledge to help all of us who finally want to find something that works.

Keeping her integrity and independence is what she is most proud of, so she always tries to give the most unbiased reviews on the products she thinks are best for a certain skin condition. Check out Skin Tour – trust me, you will learn a lot!

The Green Product Junkie

Katie, a native New Yorker, started her blog after learning about how toxic and harmful the conventional cosmetic products are. Since then, she and her blog are all about non-toxic, natural, and organic.

If you respect organic and natural cosmetics and want to learn more about it, visit The Green Product Junkie. There, you will find product reviews regarding skin care, makeup, hair, body, and even eco-home products.

Skin Salvation

San Francisco’s original acne clinic Skin Salvation can be proud of their helpful and resourceful blog which has something to offer for everyone.

At Skin Salvation, you’ll be able to find out how to lead an acne-safe life along with many success stories and testimonials of people around the world who have managed to clear their acne thanks to Skin Salvation.

The founder of Skin Salvation, Kimberly, along with a team of other inspiring women, are the main “culprits” of this blog. Their program has helped a lot of people get their dreamy and flawless skin, so make sure to check it out!

Kind of Stephen

Stephen Alain Ko is the founder of Kind of Stephen, as well as a successful cosmetic chemist and skin care expert. His #BeautyRecap weekly updates on the beauty and personal care industry are an incredibly helpful way to keep yourself up-to-date on all the newest research and trends in the cosmetic world!

If you are the type of person who wants to read more than “this foundation won’t clog your pores,” and you actually want to learn about products and their formulations in-depth, then definitely follow Kind of Stephen!

Graceful Face

Camilla is yet another incredible blogger who discovered her passion for Asian and Korean skin care products. Her blog is not just full of filler content and product reviews, but the actually great educational content and personal experiences.

I loved reading her in-depth posts! From beauty tips, body care, hair care, green beauty, exfoliation… to makeup, tutorials, and reviews – Graceful Face has it all!


Julie, a medically trained Esthetician from Portland, Oregon, is the creator and author of PDXBeautiful. She offers hundreds of honest and clear-to-understand reviews for skin care products, for all types of skin out there!

On her blog, you can also read her personal acne-fighting journey and learn how she managed to keep a clear and acne-free face.

Plus, you can even book one-on-one personalized consultations and let her help you achieve the skin of your dreams!

Myra Beauty Diary

Myra, the founder of this blog, is another Korean skincare lover who has found relief in using these products.

On Myra Beauty Diary, you can find many different skin care product reviews which will be extremely helpful to everyone, especially people with a sensitive skin type who look for anti-aging and skin-brightening properties.

As an additional plus, Myra also gives you many fashion tips as well as body care and makeup content.

Half Past October

Samantha, the owner, author and creator of Half Past October is a woman who adores Asian beauty products and regularly tests out products in order to give us an accurate and in-depth review.

Aside from beauty products, animal lovers will also be happy when they visit Samantha’s blog since she often posts reviews for pet foods and supplies.

Becca M

A K-Beauty Blogger called Becca is the founder of the Becca M blog. Here, she gives all types of tips and tricks, product reviews in different categories (skin care, cosmetics, store reviews, etc), as well as different tutorials and personal stories and experiences.

You may also know her as Little Porcelain Princess because that’s her old blog! Her new blog is pretty informative and fun to read, so I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Of Face and Fingers

A brutally honest 20-something girl is the author and owner of this product review blog. She reviews all types of beauty products and cosmetics, starting with skin care, makeup, lips, to perfumes and much more!

Her honest reviews are what I liked most about the blog since it gives you a true perspective of a product. Make sure to check out her blog if you wish to make an informed decision and a smart purchase!


I hope this list of my top 32 skin care blogs will prove useful and helpful to all of you who are struggling with acne, dry skin, or any other type of skin problems. If you have any more suggestions, let me know in comments!

3 thoughts on “32 Amazing Skin Care Blogs That Really Know Their Stuff!”

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