5 Best Lush Products

When you’re looking for a product by Lush, you should be looking for a product that you need. Which is why I created my this list of my 5 best lush product!

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Otherwise you’re going to end up buying loads of unnecessary stuffs because you know its Lush.

Everyone has different wants and needs, but that doesn’t mean quality is something that can’t be argued against. 

Without further ado, lets begin!

5 top lushes product

Top 5 Lush Product Ratings

Product Name

My Rating


1. Lush Bath Bomb    [Editors Choice]

2. Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

3. Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub
4. Superbalm Scalp Treatment For Hair
5. Lemony Flutter Skin Moisturizer

​Who & What is Lush?

First, some of you might be wondering what is lush? Who is Lush?​

Lush is a popular brand, and they are known for their natural ingredients in their products. Lush has a range of products from bath bombs to facial cleanser which allows you to improve your skin’s softness and texture. These cosmetic products can help you in a variety of ways, most have a lot of plant extract in them which can help you out organically and provide health benefits for your skin.

If you’re looking to learn more about Lush, then you can easily do some research on their website and read about their story. This will allow you to get to know and understand their brand a little better, which will help you gain some trust with them.

As someone who frequents their website and buys from the brand, I can tell you with complete certainty that they’re a legit company with great products and a great customer service line if you run into any issues.​

Now you know what and who is Lush, here’s the best 5 lush product.

5 Best Lush Product

1. Lush Bath Bomb

If you’re looking to find the best gift for someone you know who likes bath bombs, then this is one of the highest quality products you’re going to find on the internet! This product has managed to stay as one of the best sellers for Lush, and in my experience with this product, it’s always been perfect to use, from the smell to the texture of the water when you let it off.

One of my favorite bath bomb is the Intergalactic bath bomb by Lush.

The Intergalactic bath bomb smells so amazing! Bath bombs are pretty commonly known as being pleasing to the nose, but this one rises above the rest! You’re also going to be impressed by the silky smooth skin you’re going to have when you get out of the bath tub after using these, because these thing treats the water in a way to dissolve into your skin!


Did you know, bath bombs was invented in 1989 by one of Lush co-founders, Mo Constantine.

2. Salted Coconut Hand Scrub

If you have dry skin or flaky skin problems. And you want it to be soft and smooth, then buying the Salted Coconut butter and applying it should quickly fix the problem at hand. One of the best parts about this product is the fact that it comes with an amazing scent, which very few people have an issue with. The salt in the product has a way of making your skin silky smooth, due to the exfoliation which takes place which is great.

The reason that this made the top five for one of my best lush products has to do with how long the benefits last on your skin. The coconut scent paired with the brightness and smoothness of your new skin will make you want to buy more.

3. Ocean Salt Face & Body Scrub

Another great product for exfoliating your skin, this salt body scrub takes a slightly different approach to get it done other than the usual body cream way. The salt in this scrub is the main ingredient which exfoliates your skin and makes it soft and healthy. This isn’t just for your hands though, this scrub is perfect for your face and will help you out with any issues you’re having, especially with dry skin and acne.

You can moisturize your face with this and fix your oily skin, which is a problem for a lot of people. The salt in this product is the main ingredient. You can use this in or out of the shower, but make sure you wipe it off your face so that you don’t have blue salt on your face all day.

You can also check out my detailed review on Ocean Salt Facial Scrub here.

4. Superbalm Scalp Treatment for Hair

Lush superbalm scalp hair treatment

Although this product isn’t your typical skin care product, it’s still a great product for you to try which will help out a lot of things, such as dandruff build up and flakiness from your scalp. The reason I included this into my top 5 list is due to the success rates that have been seen with this hair and scalp product to help people suffering from dandruff or scalp issues.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re going to be able to benefit from this product if for some reason you’re experiencing flakiness or dryness in your scalp.

The blue color in the product is due to the chamomile blue oil which happens to be the major ingredient in it. You should also know that lavender is another big ingredient which has been used throughout the product. Just put this on 20 minutes before getting into the shower, and then shampoo it out of your hair so that you can reach the desired outcome!​

5. Lemony Flutter Skin Moisturizer

This daily lush product for you to use is great for making your skin more healthy and soft. You should use this mainly on the rough and hard areas of your body which you want to soften up. You can use this on your nails, elbows, joints, or just anywhere you have calluses or hard spots. Lush is a very well-known brand for people looking to freshen up their skin.

The health benefits that come with having healthy skin are endless, with prime examples such as lowering your risk of skin cancer.

You don’t have to use much either, because just a dab will do enough for you to feel the difference. The main ingredient which you should know about is the lemon inside of it, which was chosen for the healing properties it has when it comes in contact with rough skin.

​Benefits of Lush Product

If you haven’t been convinced that Lush products are the way to go, then you should understand some of the benefits of the brand, such as:

  • ​They’re a green brand, which means that most (if not all) of their products are organically made. This helps not only our earth, but saves the lives of so many wild animals every year throughout the world.
  • The black pots they use are also 100% made with recycled plastics, and if you bring back 5 empty, clean ones back to them, they’ll give you a fresh mask for free! Win-Win!
  • They’re good for spoiling yourself or others, depending on whether or not you’re gifting the products.
  • When you buy from Lush, you can be assured that a portion of your money is going to be given to charities. Because of this, a lot of people really enjoy buying from Lush.
  • Their products have a homemade feel/texture to them, which is very beneficial when comparing it to other products similar to them which are factory made.

How to Find Your Best Lush Product?

If you’re trying to find the best lush products, then you’re going to need to keep a few things in mind.

  • Pay attention to reviews –The reviews of the lush products you’re looking at are going to signify to you whether or not they’re worthwhile. Other types of products can have some bad reviews and still pass for being “usable,” but with the best lush products every review counts.You need to read both the good and the bad reviews to really make an educated decision on whether or not the product is going to be good for you. Sometimes, low rated products are going to be great for you and highly rated products aren’t going to help you at all.Everything is different, but for the most part, the reviews are going to be your best friend when you’re trying to figure out if something is worthwhile or not.
  • Ingredients – When you’re looking at the ingredients of a Lush product, then you’re going to need to make sure that you’re not allergic to anything inside of the product. People waste so much money buying products that you apply to your skin when they soon find out that it won’t work for them due to the allergies they have.With other products (such as home products) you don’t need to look for ingredients. But people always make the ignorant assumption that they don’t need to look at ingredients for something they’re not consuming, but rubbing something on your skin is very closely related to digesting it – because both can affect your body!
  • Needs – Figure out what your needs are, not wants. Are you having trouble with acne and pimples? Then you might be looking for something like the Mask Of Magnaminty which is best for acne-prone skins. Don’t just buy a product your friend recommend you, because that product might not be something you need.

Lush website is full of great deals, and you can always find a good sale going online at any given moment if you’re good at staying frugal and are good at watching for those types of things. Typically, even though Lush is one of the highest quality brands for these types of products, you can always get a good price on this stuff if you keep your eyes open.

If you use all of these methods, then you can very easily find some of the best lush products for you to use. Even for picky people, this method is a foolproof plan for you to get some of the best products for you.

​My Number 1 Product

If you’ve looked through the 5 best lush product list above, then you might be wondering what I consider as the best of the best product on my list. Although it was a tough decision to make, the best product on my list when looking at the quality of the product, the price of the product, and all of the benefits of the product.

I believe it’s safe to say that the Lush bath bomb gift set wins the crown.

The Lush Bath Bomb can be such a great gift for you or anyone, due to all of the amazing benefits that it allows. One thing that I didn’t mention earlier about it was that it’s also got brother products which allow you to get rid of your sinus infection or allergies that you’re struggling with by infiltrating your nose and helping you out.

Plus, bath bombs are fun!

Anyone who’s familiar with bath bombs knows that when you let one off in your tub, you’re going to be experiencing some deep inhalation and smells from the product at hand. With something like that, you’re going to want the healthiest one you can find and also the one that’s going to smell the best. With this particular product, you can get it for yourself or someone else and manage to choose from one of the best 6 smells.

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