Lush Ocean Salt Face And Body Scrub Review

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Before I start my review on Lush's Ocean Salt.

Here's how it all began! Before using the Ocean Salt face and body scrub by Lush, I used to have small annoying acne all over my face when I was in University.

It was horrible.

I tried out nearly every kind of treatment you can think of, from buying different brand face masks to using homemade remedies such as lemon. (The lemon juice did help quite a bit, but you could still see some of the acne.)

One word, frustration.

Yep, that word describes how I was feeling during that time. I knew I had to solve this problem, I don’t want to have acne scars for the rest of my life.

It was this one day, one of my friend introduced me to Ocean Salt face and body scrub to me. I was hesitant to use the product right away because I had tried out other face and body scrub which were not working for me. I wasn’t really keen on trying it but gave it a shot anyway.

To my surprise when I started using it, I could see the improvements on my face already. My face was starting to look cleaner and brighter, I fell in love with this product right away!

What is the Lush Ocean Salt face and body scrub?

It is one of the best-selling classic product from Lush which has multiple functions from hydrating to exfoliating your skin and body. This product is for you if you’re looking for an effective facial cleanser, acne-free and glowing face! But be careful as the product has thick layers, and it may be rough for some skin.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying

Acne and Blackheads

Dead and Flakey Skin

Even though people mainly use it on the face, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply it on your body.

You might ask “Wait, how do you know or make sure this product can actually get rid of dead and flakey skin?

It is because the product has coarse sea salt to scrub away those dead skins which are rich in minerals and it is natural. It also has avocado butter to give out moisture and lime juice and vodka to finish off with cleansing!

Why you should buy it?

Natural Ingredients

Like most LUSH products, the ocean salt is mostly made from natural ingredients such as coarse sea salt for exfoliation, mixed with coconut oil and avocado butter. It has the smell of citrus scent which comes from lime oil, and the limes were extracted in vodka to brighten and tone.

One of the most exfoliating cleanser​

The ingredients used for this product are all organic which is a plus because natural things are always great for the skin. The product is super effective due to the combination of coarse and sea salt which make the product very scrubby.

From what I know and based on my personal experience, this product is suitable for combination to oily skin and sometimes exfoliate dry skin as well.

What I liked

  • check
    Not greasy
  • check
    Smells great
  • check
    Refreshing feeling
  • check
    Removes blackhead

What I didn't like

  • Messy
  • Rough
  • Expensive

The Lush Ocean Salt is good for you if you have a combination of dry and oily skin. But if you have a sensitive skin this product may not be the right one for you because the product itself is quite harsh on the skin.

I highly recommend you to give Lush Ocean Salt a try if acne is your biggest concern. Comparing to other products, it’s quite expensive, but its definitely worth your money.

The Ocean Salt gives off a refreshing feeling, helps tackle trouble spots, and hydrates your skin as well.

If you have a sensitive skin and feel that the product is too harsh on your skin, try their self-preserving version of the Ocean Salt face and body scrub which is much lighter and gentler on your skin.

How To Apply 

To apply the Ocean salt onto your face, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Make sure to use your own finger or Popsicle stick to mix the product after you open the tub. It is because you will find the first layer of chunky sea salt and avocado with the lime mixture is in the layer below it, which is separated to preserve the form of the salt. Therefore, Don't forget to mix it up.​

Step 2

You can use your finger or any other tools to scoop out some of the mixture and apply it to damp skin in circular motion. You should rub it gently and slowly to exfoliate and refresh the skin. Don't rub it too hard otherwise your skin will feel irritated or may leave some redness afterward.

Step 3

After you finish applying, you can leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. I usually like to rinse the scrub with warm water and towel to dry the skin.​


You can use this product once or twice a week. I like to use it twice a week. You have to be careful and control on how much you want to exfoliate and scrub your face and body.

It is because more skin cells will be removed if you apply more pressure on the skin.

LUSH Quick Tips: Ocean Salt

Lush Ocean Salt Detailed Review

PRICE - 4/5

SMELL - 4.5/5



This scrub is absolutely one of my favorite. Whenever I use this scrub, I feel refreshed and it helps me exfoliate my skin and body too. Usually, after work, I apply this scrub to relax and remove all kind of dead skins cells and dirt.

Overall score

How does it compare?

Let’s have a look at some of Lush Ocean Salt alternatives.

​One of Canada’s no.1 scrub brand. It is paraben free and oil free. Exfoliates used on this products are 100% natural. This product is very easy to use and also cheap, but it does not exfoliate well comparing to ocean sea salt and treat severe acne.

Before trying the ocean sea salt, this was one of the scrubs I tried in the past. The product does give out softer feeling on the skin, but it doesn’t really gives a brightening effect. Similarly to ocean sea salt, this product may also be a bit harsh on sensitive skin.

This scrub is good for people with oily skin and people with sensitive skin can avoid this product.​

For those people who has sensitive skin, this scrub is good for you. The price is fairly cheap. It is also one of the popular product from Neutrogena. It is oil free and exfoliates with small plastic beads, alpha hydroxyl and salicylic acid. Unlike ocean sea salt, the scrub is rough but the Neutrogena scrub is gentle enough to use every day. It does help out to clear acne and gives out a fair amount of moisture.

However, some of you might be concerned about the environmentally friendly issue, as Neutrogena uses microbeads which can harm the environment. It can also dry out the skin.

This product has 100% vegetarian ingredients and has ground walnut shell. With walnut shells, it can often tear the skin or may hurt your skin’s ability to heal which can cause more redness. It is also at an affordable price. It works very well for people who has acne problem and breakouts on skins.

This scrub is suitable for people with oily skin. But you have to be aware that it may be itchy and could break out your skin.


Overall, I am in love with this product. I use ocean sea salt twice a week after removing my makeup. I cannot thank lush company enough for producing such a natural product which solved my acne problem. Acne is like the worst nightmare for every girls, it can leave you feeling embarrassed for yourself in front of your friends also.

The lush ocean sea salt face and body scrub have helped me to get rid of acne on the face and dead skins around my body. Thanks to this product, I have clear and brighter looking skin now and I have gained more self-confidence in myself!

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